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5 Best Junior Mining Stocks in Gold and Silver for 2017 2017-03-26T18:46:01+00:00

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Top 5 Junior Gold and Silver Stocks for 2017

The following are the top performing junior gold stocks and junior silver stocks on the Canadian exchanges over the past year. The company must have a market cap of $20 million or more to qualify.

#1) White Gold (CVE: WGO or GFRGF) +2,875%

#2) Darnley Bay Resources (CVE: DBL or DNYLF) +2,666%

#3) Rupert Resources (CVE: RUP or RUPRF) +2,533%

#4) Silvercrest Metals (CVE: SIL or SVCMF) +1,375%

#5) Tudor Gold (CVE: TUD or TDRRF) +1,200%