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3 Investments That Are Up 10X in 2017

10x returnsMost investors would be happy with a 10% annualized return. But many of the investments we have been recommending, particularly in the cryptocurrency space, have skyrocketed by 10X or more in 2017. An investment of $100,000 on January 1st of this year would have netted you a cool million dollars!

I am still bullish on precious metals and continue to hold both physical bullion and best-in-breed mining stocks. But the cryptocurrency space is currently providing what is likely a once-in-lifetime opportunity for exponential investment returns.

I can allocate a small percentage of my crypto profits towards precious metals and end up with significantly more gold and silver than I ever could by simply buying and holding. If you are skeptical, I encourage you to put some more time into researching the potential of blockchain technology. Many of the largest silicon valley companies and even the largest banks are using blockchain technology and investing large amounts of money into this space. A growing list of companies are now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for payment.

But instead of convincing you of the worth of the technology and the future potential, I’ll just let the returns speak for themselves. The following 3 cryptocurrency investments are up 10X (900%) or more in 2017 and we are only four months into the year!

  1. ethereumEthereum – A blockchain platform that improved upon what Bitcoin was offering by integrating smart contracts into their code. Conditional statements such as if-then can be used to release ether coins when certain criteria are met between two or more parties. Ethereum is the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap at over $6 billion. The price of an ether token started the year at $8 and is currently $75. This equates to a return of over 800% in just under four months. Ok, it is just shy of 10X, but at this point, who cares? Over the next few months, it is likely to be a 10-bagger investment for those that bought in early January. We have written about Ethereum to our subscribers multiple times over the past year and added the cryptocurrency to the GSB portfolio in early January.
  2. dash logoDash – The team at Dash (short for digital cash) is looking to make cryptocurrency transactions as easy as possible for the masses. They also innovated by offering instant and private transactions, something that bitcoin currently cannot do. Dash was also the first to have a self-governing, self-funding protocol and pour substantial money into marketing, partnerships and technical innovation. Dash is #5 by market cap at $685 million. The price started the year at $11.30 and is currently at $102 for a gain of over 900% or 10X return on your investment. We also hold Dash in the GSB portfolio.
  3. pivx logoPIVX – They forked Dash and made further improvements, including proof-of-stake, faster transaction times and no instant-mine, a controversial issue that has haunted the Dash team (but not the token’s price). Like Dash, PIVX provides instant and private transactions, while using masternodes. They have a very active Slack group and legions of dedicated supporters. PIVX is currently #13 by market cap at $92 million. The price started the year under 1 cent and is currently at $1.75. If you were lucky enough to pick up coins in early January, you are currently sitting on a return of over 20,000%!

I believe that we are still in the early innings of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. These digital currencies are volatile, so I think it makes sense to wait for a dip before buying. But I believe that prices are headed much higher over the next few years.

Bitcoin is currently at $1,350 and some analysts believe it could reach $50,000 or more in the coming years. Only 21 million bitcoin will ever be created and 18 million are already in existence. With less than 1% of the investment public into cryptocurrencies, these sky-high price projections suddenly do not seem so crazy.

While I will continue to hold bitcoin, the gold of cryptocurrencies, it is the up-and-coming smaller cap coins that I believe have the most potential. In fact, we just added a new cryptocurrency with a market cap under $15 million that has some of the brightest minds in this space on their board. The coin is currently trading at just 18 cents, but I do not believe it will remain this cheap for long.

There are now cryptocurrencies focused on using blockchain technology for decentralized cloud computing, cloud storage that competes with Dropbox or Amazon, a worldwide supercomputer that harvests the unused computing power of everyone on the network and even one that plans to put low-orbit satellites into space to beam down internet and provide a way to keep networks connected in the event of grid failure.


There are also coins focusing on disrupting particular industries with blockchain technology. They make business processes more efficient, can increase transaction times, reduce costs, cut out middlemen that add little value and overall improve operational aspects of any organization. This includes a coin for real estate documents, one for banks to settle transactions immediately, one for the insurance industry, credit markets, predictions markets, online gambling, music downloads and the list goes on.

These companies using a revolutionary funding model and announce ICOs (initial coin offerings), where investors can send in bitcoin or ethereum in exchange for coins in the new cryptocurrency business. They can often acquire these coins at a significant discount for being an early investor. As the coins hit exchanges and the general investment public begins to buy, the price often soars.

For example, Ethereum sold for 30 cents during its ICO and hit $2 during the first week trading on the main exchanges. The price is currently at $75 and there are several near-term catalysts that are likely to push the price much higher.

If you want to track which cryptocurrencies we are holding, which new coins we believe have the best potential, which ICOs we are participating in and when we are buying or selling, click here to join our premium membership.

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We spend hours everyday studying the hundreds of cryptocurrency projects out there, reading white papers, researching ICOs, joining Slack groups, contacting the teams that run these coins, monitoring cryptocurrency investment groups and putting a laser focus on the coins that we believe will generate the biggest returns for our subscribers. The returns have been incredible and I believe we are just getting started!

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