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Jason Hamlin is the founder of Gold Stock Bull and has been investing in precious metals for over 20 years. Jason spent nearly a decade in analytics for the world’s largest market research firm, before finding success investing full time. He launched Gold Stock Bull in 2005 and turned his focus from helping fortune 500 companies to helping individual investors. Jason is a student of Austrian economics and a proponent of cryptocurrencies such at bitcoin.

Our #1 Cannabis Stock Pick is Up 56% in the Past Week and 365% Year to Date

No matter how you feel about the Presidential election, this past week was a huge win for advocates of legalizing marijuana. California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada voters approved recreational legalization, with Arizona the only state where the ballot failed. On the medical side, Florida, Arkansas, Montana and North Dakota all voted in favor of medical cannabis, a likely [...]

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Will Trump Return the United States to the Gold Standard and Audit the FED?

Could the Trump Presidency usher in a return to the gold standard and strip powers away from the Federal Reserve? Donald Trump is known to be sympathetic to the concept of a gold standard, believing it could be a good way of maintaining the stability and value of the US Dollar. “Bringing back the gold [...]

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Peak Gold Theory Strengthened as Q3 Marks Second Consecutive Quarter of Production Declines

During the third quarter of 2016, global gold production dropped by 0.5%. Miners brought 846.8t onto the market versus 851.2t during Q3 of 2015. While this isn't a huge decline, it marks the second consecutive quarter that gold production was down versus the previous year. The overall trend of plateauing output remains in place and [...]

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Gold Under Pressure as FBI Clears Clinton Again

Gold is down $15 or 1% in early Asian trading as the FBI said it stood by its earlier finding that no criminal charges were warranted against Democrat Hillary Clinton just two days ahead of the U.S. election. Silver is also down over 1% as the dollar has bounced on the news. U.S. equity futures are higher [...]

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Gold Spikes, Stocks Sink as FBI Re-Opens Clinton Email Investigation

FBI Director James Comey said Friday the bureau is reviewing new emails related to Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state, according to a letter sent to eight congressional committee chairmen, a surprise development with 11 days until the election. The surprising news jolts a presidential race that had largely settled as Republican presidential nominee [...]

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Gold is Oversold on Misplaced Expectations of a 2016 Rate Hike

Gold investors know that the metal has been under pressure due to expectations of a FED rate hike in 2016. Many believe that an increase in the FED funds rate would support the dollar and send prices for precious metals lower. This has been a key driver of the decline in the gold price to support [...]

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Gold Below $1,250 is a ‘Strategic Buying Opportunity’

Today's employment report was slightly weaker-than-expected, initially causing the dollar to drop and gold to rally.  Only 156k jobs were added versus estimates of 175k. The unemployment rate ticked up to 5.0% during September. While the participation rate increased, the true story is that all of the job creation was part-time jobs in the service [...]

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Is a Dollar Crash Imminent After the Senate Overrides Obama Veto on Saudi 9/11 Bill and September 30th D-Day Approaches?

President Obama just had his first veto override of his entire presidency today, as the Senate and House both voted to override his veto of the 9/11 victims bill, Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA). As of this moment, the Sept 11 bill is now law. Intense lobbying by both the Obama Administration and the [...]

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Trump Criticizes FED for Creating ‘Fake Economy’ and Calls for Audit

Most politicians limit their comments about the Federal Reserve to sheer praise. Know thy master. Donald Trump has followed in the footsteps of Ron Paul, with his sharp critique of the FED and harsh words for Janet Yellen in particular. Donald Trump has put his name firmly on this short list of politicians that dare to [...]

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Gold and Silver Prices Volatile on Opposing Views from FED Members

The FED has made the booms and busts much more exaggerated than they otherwise would be. Their ability to unilaterally dictate interest rates rather than allow the free markets to determine equilibrium, has generated an incredible amount of volatility for investors. Gold and silver have enjoyed a powerful rally in 2016, which started right after [...]

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