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Bachmann Chairman Resigns, Endorses Ron Paul on Live TV

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of this site that we endorse Ron Paul for President. This endorsement comes not solely for his support of a gold standard, but for his entire platform. Auditing and eventually ending the FED gets to the root of our economic issues. Ending the immoral, illegal and unjustified wars of aggression will also have a huge economic benefit, but the true savings comes in the lives of innocents and restored goodwill towards America. Jesse Ventura and Kelly Clarkson both came out in support of Ron Paul recently as well.

But the greater momentum for the Paul campaign will probably come from the news that Michele Bachmann’s campaign chairman defected to Ron Paul’s side and did it on live television. This is an embarrassing blow that came as some called for her to leave the race to free up her supporters for other candidates. I hope she will follow suit, drop out and get behind Ron Paul.

Hours after appearing with Bachmann at an event, state senator Kent Sorenson gave his endorsement to Ron Paul at a Des Moines rally.

I realize that Ron Paul will not be able to solve all of our problems overnight and will still have to deal with a totally corrupt Congress. But if we have any hope of saving our Republic and the Constitution on which it was founded, we must elect Ron Paul. If the elite get their way and any of their puppets win office (Obama or Romney), we are literally screwed. Say goodbye to the Bill of Rights and hello to indefinite detention without a lawyer or trial.

The other major concern is that we are getting dragged into a war with Iran. Now listen, I would rather nobody have nuclear weapons and wish they were never created. But Iran does not have a history of starting wars or acting in a beligerent manner with their military (unlike some other governments). They defended themselves from an attack by Iraq, which we supported, but they don’t go around invading countries, bombing people and stealing land and resources.

Many in the intelligence community refute the notion that they are close to having a nuclear weapon. But one can certainly see the justification in wanting one, as evidenced in the way the West has treated North Korea vs. other “evil” nations that don’t have the bomb. Lastly, mutually assured destruction is a powerful deterrent and it kept a much larger and more powerful Soviet Union at bay for decades.

The really scary part about this recent beating of the war drums against Iran is that both China and Russia have serious skin in the game. They are loose allies with Iran and have huge investments in the country. If either of these nations decides to put their foot down and protect their interests, we could very easily slip into a new world war, although much more brutal and deadly than past wars.

The only candidate that will help avert such a scenario is Ron Paul. If you care about the future of America and indeed the entire world we call home, please consider putting your full support behind Ron Paul.

If you care about your investments and your hard-earned savings holding value, please consider supporting Ron Paul.

If you care about the Constitution, freedom and your civil liberties, please consider supporting Ron Paul.

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