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Carnival of Investing # 44

Welcome to 44th edition of the Carnival of Investing, hosted at Gold Stock Bull! We would also like to welcome new visitors to this site, which is dedicated to investment strategies for profiting on the bull markets in gold, silver and energy. We are a relatively new site, but have been quickly building readership since our inception. We provide original content and articles that have been picked up by Yahoo News, The Street and are regularly featured on Seeking Alpha. After checking out the carnival postings below, please take a few minutes to cruise the site and let us know what you think. New subscribers are currently being entered in a contest to win a 10-ounce silver bar, valued at over $120. Without further ado, here are the submissions for COI #44. Enjoy.

ferris_wheel_2.jpgJohn Buehler presents Rebuilding Eden – The 3rd Channel; Predicting the Future posted at Rebuilding Eden. John writes an excellent piece on how close reflection of the past has provided an easy way to predict the future. He touches areas near and dear to our hearts, saying: “Energy, Food, Water, Precious Metals and Commodities rule the future.” We couldn’t agree more.

Drizzt presents Care with the Dow, cautioning a top in the Dow and suggesting that the HUI has a better valuation at these levels.

Johns presents Democrats Take Wall Street’s Cash, pointing out that Wall Street has shifted its allegiance in favour of Democrats in the 2006 election cycle by donating more to Democrats than Republicans who have been the investment banks’ usual supporter.

ML presents Asset allocation: Volatility is not your friend posted at My 1st Million At 33. This article deals with the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), the scientific theory behind asset allocation and includes a nice example of how volatility can work against you.

Abnormal Returns presents Costs of active management posted at Abnormal Returns. This is a nice article for sizing up the advantages and disadvantages of active portfolio management.

FMF presents Costs Matter If You Want to Maximize Investment Returns posted at Free Money Finance. Another great article on understanding the costs of your investments and the implications to your overall returns.

Tom Hanna presents The Week Ahead: Your Financial Roadmap for October 9 to October 13, 2006 posted at Financial Options. Tom provides a calendar to keep track of financial announcements.

Nordicmoney presents Dividend ETFs posted at Nordic Money. This articles deals with how to use ETFs to diversify your portfolio. Of course, we at GoldStockBull would love to see some more analysis on GLD, GDX, SLV, PBW, OIH, XLE and the overlooked investment area of “blue gold,” PHO.

Dylonium presents Investing in a Stock posted at Cash 101. Dylonium provides a nice general overview of stock investing. A good read for new investors.

Praveen presents Now What Are the Bad-Boy Hedge Funds Up To? posted at My Simple Trading System. A short piece on another dirty trick the hedge funds have found.

Brandon Peele presents Why get an MBA? posted at GT. Should you invest in an MBA? Brandon discusses both sides of the coin and advises on checking your motivations and priorities.

Bill presents Sad But True posted at Ask Uncle Bill. Is college a good investment? An article for soon to be or recent graduates that have completed a four year college education.

David B. presents Getting the Most from a Savings Account posted at How Do People Get Rich?.

Nina Smith presents Peer-to-Peer Lending posted at Queercents. Are people more likely to pay back a loan if they borrow from real people instead of a faceless bank? Nina discusses peer-to-peer lending with details on Zopa.

Scott presents Cancellations at posted at Scott On Money. An important consideration when using peer-to-peer lending.

Abnormal Returns presents Availability of exotic beta posted at Abnormal Returns. The ETF revolution is making available “exotic betas” to investors looking to increase portfolio diversification.

Frugal presents Is Bull Market Back? On Dow Jones New Record High posted at My 1st Million At 33. Frugal reminds us that “all other market indexes have not exceeded its high. Dow Jones is not representative of the stock market.” We recently wrote a piece about about the Dow’s sudden run on GoldStockBull, cautioning investors about remaining long after the November mid-term elections.

A Samuel presents Kariat Smir Apartments may be closer than you think posted at Off plan property launches. An article about the promising prospects of investing in real estate in Morocco.

Nickel presents Vanguard Changes Target Retirement Fund Offerings posted at

Dan Harris presents Bank On China’s Home Grown Consumers Rising posted at China Law Blog. An interesting article on the growth of Chinese Consumerism and ways to profit from it.

The Skinny Investor likes Southern Peru Copper. They pay a monster dividend and their finanicals looks sound.

That concludes Carnival of Investing #44. Thanks for stopping by and please remember to submit for next week’s carnival. For more details, you can check out The Carnival of Investing Homepage.

Good luck and happy investing,

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