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Silver Cycles and War Cycles

Why Silver Cycles and War Cycles? Because silver prices and wars are connected, and because cycles have predictive value when viewed over the long term.  Look at silver prices since the year 1900.  Yes, silver has not freely traded for a long time, but there is value in the study. Six important silver lows have [...]

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3 Mining Stocks on the Move as Gold Eyes $1,300

With the stock market booming and bonds near the lowest yields in history; investors have enjoyed a huge boost in asset prices. Each week, indexes like the S&P 500 and NASDAQ are hitting new highs. Most of this increase has come on the heels of stimulus from central banks around the world in the form [...]

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“Inflate or Die,” Peak Silver and Gold’s Coming Breakout

“Inflate or die” was Richard Russell’s characterization of our economic system and the central bank response to most problems during the past three decades. INFLATE THE CURRENCY SUPPLY!  Examine the currency supply as measured by M3 and reported by the St. Louis Fed. Fiat currencies are created as debt.  Inflating currency supply means increasing total [...]

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Bank Runs are Inevitable – Protect and Grow Your Wealth with Gold and Cryptocurrencies

I haven't thought much about bank runs in recent years. The Federal Reserve came to the rescue during the 2008 financial crisis and restored confidence in the markets. Stock valuations have soared to all-time highs, nearly quadrupling from the bottom in early 2009. Home prices is many regions have doubled or tripled and investor sentiment [...]

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Seasonal Opportunity Knocks with Gold to S&P 500 Ratio Near All-Time Low: GSB Weekly Review for July 27

**  News and Nonsense Nonsense:  Russia and Putin are the Cause of … nearly every problem we can name.  Or is the “Blame Russia Thing” a diversion?   The definitive statement on Russia and Putin:  Sanctions on Russia: From Mish:  “Make America Safe: Put Congress on Permanent Recess” From Zero Hedge:  “House Passes Veto-Proof Russia [...]

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Yellen’s Dovish Comments Lift Gold: GSB Weekly Review for July 13

News and Nonsense Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Chicago, Pension Crisis, and Impossible Debt: Illinois raised taxes 30+ percent on individuals and corporations.  Intelligent and real solutions were not considered.  Politics and payback were paramount.  Rig for stormy weather if you live in bankrupt states or depend upon their pension plans. “Those are huge tax [...]

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Is Silver Fairly Priced at $16?

Silver at $16.00 is Fairly Priced … IF … Silver currently sells around $16.  I think that price would be sensible if the Dow was priced about 10,000 and the U.S. national debt was “only” $10 trillion.   The Dow is hitting all-time highs at about 21,500 and the official national debt – not counting [...]

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Gold Stock Bull Weekly Review: Yellen Promises No Financial Crash as Dollar Tumbles

Gold, Silver and Currencies Commentary: Argentina has defaulted on its debt many times in the past 70 years. Venezuela’s currency is in freefall.  The unofficial exchange rate (the real rate) is currently about 8,000 bolivars to one US$.  The exchange rate seven years ago was 2 - 4 bolivars to one US$.  Ugly consequences result [...]

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How to Profit from Irrational Low-Inflation Exuberance

Everyday Definition of Inflation:  “Stuff costs more.” U.S. Government Definition of Inflation:  “After extensive statistical analysis and data manipulation … yada yada yada.” Shadowstats publishes their version of consumer price inflation.  The Chapwood Index is another version.  Both indicate real inflation rates in the U.S. are MUCH HIGHER than the official government statistics. THE PROBLEM [...]

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GDXJ Sell Off is a Blessing in Disguise

I. The Bond Market Loses Confidence in the Fed After the Fed hiked rates and highlighted their balance sheet unwinding plans last week, bond yields further dropped. This means there is a significant lack of confidence in the economy and doubt in the Fed by bond investors. Why does this matter? Because bond investors are [...]