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Ponzi Finance and Gold Stocks

September News Recap: THE FEDERAL RESERVE met and talked. The unofficial statement issued after their meeting was, “Yada, Yada, Yada.” Their statement was translated by an obscure web site, link unavailable, which interpreted their statement as: “The Federal Reserve along with other important central banks and G-20 nations have created a pyramid of debt. This [...]

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Yellen’s Comments Suggest Easier Monetary Policy Ahead, Which is Bullish for Gold

Yellen admitted today that the FED may have overstated the strength of the labor market and the rate of inflation. This suggests that we may see a shift to easier than expected monetary policy in the months and years ahead. In other words, the FED will not be raising rates as aggressively as anticipated and [...]

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Harvey, Irma, Gold and Bad Options

In the Previous Three Weeks: Gold rose over $1,330. Silver reached $18.00. The DOW almost reached another all-time high. Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, flooded Houston, and caused massive damage. Hurricane Irma crashed into Florida and created flooding and huge damage, although a late move west reduced potential destruction. China is preparing a [...]

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Gold Distributes Wealth, Central Bank Fiat Concentrates It

The fruits of increased productivity used to be distributed across society. Everyone benefited as the economy became more productive, new technologies emerged and new industries were born. Prosperity spread across society as jobs were created, poverty was reduced and a robust and thriving middle class emerged in America. Then came the 1970's and something suddenly changed. [...]

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Gold is Headed to $1,500 by Year End

A confluence of factors has been pushing the price of gold higher over the past few weeks and I believe it is headed for $1,500 by the close of 2017. After hitting a low around $1,200 in July, the price of gold has since advanced by more than 10% or $140 to $1,340. The chart [...]

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Silver Cycles and War Cycles

Why Silver Cycles and War Cycles? Because silver prices and wars are connected, and because cycles have predictive value when viewed over the long term.  Look at silver prices since the year 1900.  Yes, silver has not freely traded for a long time, but there is value in the study. Six important silver lows have [...]

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3 Mining Stocks on the Move as Gold Eyes $1,300

With the stock market booming and bonds near the lowest yields in history; investors have enjoyed a huge boost in asset prices. Each week, indexes like the S&P 500 and NASDAQ are hitting new highs. Most of this increase has come on the heels of stimulus from central banks around the world in the form [...]

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“Inflate or Die,” Peak Silver and Gold’s Coming Breakout

“Inflate or die” was Richard Russell’s characterization of our economic system and the central bank response to most problems during the past three decades. INFLATE THE CURRENCY SUPPLY!  Examine the currency supply as measured by M3 and reported by the St. Louis Fed. Fiat currencies are created as debt.  Inflating currency supply means increasing total [...]

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Bank Runs are Inevitable – Protect and Grow Your Wealth with Gold and Cryptocurrencies

I haven't thought much about bank runs in recent years. The Federal Reserve came to the rescue during the 2008 financial crisis and restored confidence in the markets. Stock valuations have soared to all-time highs, nearly quadrupling from the bottom in early 2009. Home prices is many regions have doubled or tripled and investor sentiment [...]

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Seasonal Opportunity Knocks with Gold to S&P 500 Ratio Near All-Time Low: GSB Weekly Review for July 27

**  News and Nonsense Nonsense:  Russia and Putin are the Cause of … nearly every problem we can name.  Or is the “Blame Russia Thing” a diversion?   The definitive statement on Russia and Putin:  Sanctions on Russia: From Mish:  “Make America Safe: Put Congress on Permanent Recess” From Zero Hedge:  “House Passes Veto-Proof Russia [...]

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