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Trump’s Economic Team is a Gathering of Goldbugs

According to Paul Krugman, Trump was installed by Putin and his economic team is a 'gathering of goldbugs.' I'm sure he meant that last part in a condescending way, although I view it as flattery. We all know that John Paulson has been bullish on gold and predicted the price of gold would rise in [...]

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Assasinations, Nationalizations, Disputed Elections, Terror Attacks and Stolen Drones

Things are certainly heating up and we head into the close of 2016. It almost sounds like a James Bond action thriller, but sadly these events are actually taking place and all at the same time. In just the past few days, we've had the assasination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, the natinoalizatin of [...]

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Fed’s Hammer Delivers Another Blow To Gold – Has it Bottomed?

After what looked like the worst may be over in gold, Yellen came out swinging yesterday afternoon. With talons clenched, Yellen delivered her intention for 3 hikes next year, and the news was a wrecking ball for gold prices. The wall of support built over a month in the Gold Miners Index was toppled, and [...]

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Smoking Gun Proof of Silver Manipulation and How to Profit from the Price Rigging

In the following video, Mike Maloney breaks down the evidence of silver manipulation over the years. It includes smoking gun evidence in the form of texts and emails between traders at the major banks. Deutsche Bank recently settled a lawsuit accusing it of the rigging silver markets. And as part of the settlement, the bank [...]

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Gold Investors Can Profit from This Key Contrarian Indicator

The price of gold has been trounced the past few weeks, and most of the bulls have left the building. The price of gold has slid $175 since election night, but this pales in comparison to the amount of bulls heading for the exits. According to the Daily Sentiment Index, bullish sentiment on gold has [...]

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Gold Price Discovery Shifting to Physical Shanghai Gold Exchange as Prices Diverge vs LBMA

The launch of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) was a promising event for gold investors. The exchange provides a new benchmark price for gold bullion with a much higher backing of contracts by actual physical metal. Many hope this new price benchmark will challenge or one day replace the Western price benchmarks that are widely [...]

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Russia Adds Record 1.3 Million Ounces of Gold During October

Short-term investor sentiment may have turned bearish towards gold over the past week, but 2016 is still shaping up to be a very strong year for overall demand. Part of the reason is that central banks are still buying aggressively. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation added 1.3 million ounces (40.4 tons) of gold [...]

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Will Trump Return the United States to the Gold Standard and Audit the FED?

Could the Trump Presidency usher in a return to the gold standard and strip powers away from the Federal Reserve? Donald Trump is known to be sympathetic to the concept of a gold standard, believing it could be a good way of maintaining the stability and value of the US Dollar. “Bringing back the gold [...]

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Peak Gold Theory Strengthened as Q3 Marks Second Consecutive Quarter of Production Declines

During the third quarter of 2016, global gold production dropped by 0.5%. Miners brought 846.8t onto the market versus 851.2t during Q3 of 2015. While this isn't a huge decline, it marks the second consecutive quarter that gold production was down versus the previous year. The overall trend of plateauing output remains in place and [...]

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Gold Under Pressure as FBI Clears Clinton Again

Gold is down $15 or 1% in early Asian trading as the FBI said it stood by its earlier finding that no criminal charges were warranted against Democrat Hillary Clinton just two days ahead of the U.S. election. Silver is also down over 1% as the dollar has bounced on the news. U.S. equity futures are higher [...]

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