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GDXJ Sell Off is a Blessing in Disguise

I. The Bond Market Loses Confidence in the Fed After the Fed hiked rates and highlighted their balance sheet unwinding plans last week, bond yields further dropped. This means there is a significant lack of confidence in the economy and doubt in the Fed by bond investors. Why does this matter? Because bond investors are [...]

GSB Weekly Review: FED Hikes, Dollar Climbs, Gold Slides

Gold and Silver Commentary: Gold bottomed in December of 2015 and again in December 2016, but gold prices have risen for the past six months.  The 50 day moving average (gold, but not yet silver) has crossed above the 200 day moving average – a so-called “golden cross.”  Expect higher prices for both gold and [...]

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Gold, the Dow, Bubbles and the Coming Correction

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading at all-time highs. The NASDAQ and the S&P 500 are similar. This begs many questions. Are the high stock prices supported by fundaments or have they been levitated with “easy money?” Bubbles always collapse and prices crash. Stock indices are too high, but are they in historical bubble [...]

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3 Takeaways from the Vancouver International Metal Writers Conference

I took a long break from presenting at investment conferences, during the extended correction in precious metals. Attendance at these shows had dropped considerably and there just wasn't much to be excited about. But prices for gold and silver have started moving higher over the past two years. Gold is up 22% from the December 2015 [...]

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Surprise CFTC Gold/Silver Manipulation Announcement: Ted Butler

I was shocked by Friday’s announcement by the CFTC of an order and simultaneous settlement of manipulation charges in COMEX gold and silver futures. I first saw it in a Zerohedge article and subsequent articles on Bloomberg and in the Wall Street Journal, but all those accounts were somewhat off target compared to the CFTC [...]

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Integra Gold Acquired at 52% Premium, Who is Next?

Eldorado Gold has agreed to buy the remaining shares of Integra Gold Corp in a deal valued at about C$590 million. The purchase price represents a 52% premium to the closing share price for Integra Gold on Friday, rewarding Integra shareholders handsomely. We purcahsed shares of Integra Gold last year and subscribers are up over 100% [...]

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3 Investments That Are Up 10X in 2017

Most investors would be happy with a 10% annualized return. But many of the investments we have been recommending, particularly in the cryptocurrency space, have skyrocketed by 10X or more in 2017. An investment of $100,000 on January 1st of this year would have netted you a cool million dollars! I am still bullish on precious [...]

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5 Reasons to Buy Gold and Bitcoin

Gold and Bitcoin are two of my favorite investments. Here are 5 reasons why I believe both are headed much higher over the next few years: #1 War and Political Instability Despite running on a non-interventionist foreign policy, President Trump appears to be escalating tensions around the globe. He fired over 50 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian army [...]

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Trump Says Dollar Getting Too Strong, Wants Interest Rates to Stay Low

President Trump said on Wednesday that the dollar was “getting too strong” and would eventually hurt the U.S. economy, while admitting he would like to see interest rates stay low. “I think our dollar is getting too strong, and partially that’s my fault because people have confidence in me. But that’s hurting -- that will [...]

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Rising Geopolitical Tensions Ignite Fire Under Gold and Silver Prices

Geopolitical tensions have lit a fire under gold and silver prices. A confluence of factors has finally pushed gold and silver above key technical resistance levels. Gold hit a 5-month high, rising over $20 (1.5%) to $1,275. It is the highest print for gold since the election of Trump. Silver also rocketed higher, climbing more than 40 [...]