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China’s Nuclear Option in Trade Wars and Russia’s Nuclear Option in Real War

The United States and China are entrenched in an escalating trade war with tit-for-tat tariffs reaching towards $300 billion annually ($150b on each side). Some believe there is no doubt that the United States would win a trade war. Perhaps this is true, but we have to ask as what expense? China's Nuclear Option in [...]

Rising Geopolitical Tensions Ignite Fire Under Gold and Silver Prices

Geopolitical tensions have lit a fire under gold and silver prices. A confluence of factors has finally pushed gold and silver above key technical resistance levels. Gold hit a 5-month high, rising over $20 (1.5%) to $1,275. It is the highest print for gold since the election of Trump. Silver also rocketed higher, climbing more than 40 [...]

U.S. Strikes Syria, Gold and Silver Spike Higher

U.S. Navy warships fired 50+ Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military base a few hours ago. It was the first direct American assault on the Syrian government and Donald Trump's most dramatic military order since becoming president. This attack was in response to the chemical attack in Syria that killed over 70 people, including up to [...]

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Failure of Obamacare Repeal Helps Push Gold Higher, But $1,250 Resistance Holds

Republicans were forced to pull their bill to replace Obamacare from the floor of the GOP-controlled House today, lacking sufficient support. This has helped to push gold higher, but technical resistance has held thus far. Gold has been in rally mode lately after a v-shaped correction and recovery during the month of March. In the first [...]

10 Predictions for 2017: Gold, Stocks, Trump, Putin and War

"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing." - Socrates The quote is a paradox within itself, but sums up the outlook of anyone that has gleaned a grain of wisdom in their life. Yet, here I am offering predictions for the future, a thing one could know with even less certainty [...]

Gold Under Pressure as FBI Clears Clinton Again

Gold is down $15 or 1% in early Asian trading as the FBI said it stood by its earlier finding that no criminal charges were warranted against Democrat Hillary Clinton just two days ahead of the U.S. election. Silver is also down over 1% as the dollar has bounced on the news. U.S. equity futures are higher [...]

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Gold Spikes, Stocks Sink as FBI Re-Opens Clinton Email Investigation

FBI Director James Comey said Friday the bureau is reviewing new emails related to Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state, according to a letter sent to eight congressional committee chairmen, a surprise development with 11 days until the election. The surprising news jolts a presidential race that had largely settled as Republican presidential nominee [...]

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How Will Trump, Clinton and This Contentious Election Season Impact Gold?

This election season is shaping up to be an extremely contentious one, with emotions running high, rigged primaries, pending lawsuits, threats of violence and deep-rooted hatred between supporters of Trump versus Clinton. The stock market looks like another massive bubble waiting to burst and any number of black swan events could be the needle that finally [...]

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Billion Dollar Lawsuits for Gold, Silver Price Rigging, as Saudis Threaten to Dump U.S. Treasuries

Just a day after Deutsche bank admitted to gold and silver price rigging, two class action lawsuits seeking $1 billion in damages on behalf of Canadian gold and silver investors were launched in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there will no doubt be U.S.-based lawsuits on the way. The really interesting aspect is [...]

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The April Emergency The Fed Doesn’t Want You To Know About

Mike Maloney believes there is much more to the recent meetings between FED Chair Yellen and President Obama than the media is leading us to believe. There is something going on that ranges from very ominous to very scary. The meeting yesterday was covered by the media with nearly identical fluff pieces with no substance [...]

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