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How to Survive the Coming Economic Crash

I don’t take these types of predictions lightly and I certainly hope that I am wrong. However, I think it is irresponsible to hide your head in the sand and not take the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones. This hedge really has no downside. If a collapse happens, the preparation could literally save your life. If it does not manifest, the products you bought are still usable and will likely be worth more in a few years anyway. Plus, you will learn essential survival skills such as gardening, water purification, solar power generation, etc. So, with no downside and the ultimate upside (survival), I don’t see any reason why you would not want to start taking some common sense precautions.

In the video below, Stefan from Freedomain Radio speaks with Woody O’Brien about how to prepare. Key points:

– The core economy has been destroyed. We have no organic growth, only manipulation.
– So much money has been printed that the dollar is going to become worthless.
– We are at a point where financial and/or currency collapse is unavoidable.
– Our leaders don’t have a clue how to fix things or even necessarily the desire.
– The government has simply been doing everything possible to defer the day of reckoning.
– Food and fuel prices are headed much higher and a scenario like Egypt could happen in the U.S.
– Wise people should starting thinking about how to prepare for economic collapse.
– The collapse could happen at any point, will come rather quickly and last a minimum of 3 to 6 months.
– Ask yourself about where you will get food, water, energy, medicine, etc.
– Learn to barter, get out of dollars and own physical gold and silver.
– It is time to prepare for what will come after the collapse and have a new/better system ready.
– The greatest tragedy would be to endure the collapse and then build the same type of corrupt system.
– In the long term, we should be optimistic as things will get better as more intelligent systems emerge.

Download the document:100 Things that Disappear in Economic Collapse

My approach is to take advantage of the enormous opportunity currently being offered in mining stocks in order to book paper profits and then quickly turn those paper profits into physical gold and silver that will be invaluable as true money when the dollar collapses. You can also utilize the profits to stockpile many of the items mentioned in the document above.

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