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Peter Schiff on Fast Money Calls $2,000 Gold in 2009

Mr. Schiff was mocked for calling the market collapse before it happened, correctly predicted that gold would reach $1,000 in 2008 and recently schooled the CNBC crew at Fast Money as he predicts the market has much further to drop and gold will hit $2,000 in 2009. If you’ve been a subscriber to Gold Stock Bull for a while, you know we have been making similar calls and are aligned with his views. 2008 may prove to be the last time you will be able to get gold under $1,000 or silver under $10. The liquidation and deleveraging has created a short-term buying opportunity across all commodities and for precious metals in particular. Get some while you still can because when the floor falls out from beneath the dollar, the party is over.

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Jason Hamlin is the founder of Gold Stock Bull and has been investing in precious metals for over 20 years. Jason spent nearly a decade in analytics for the world’s largest market research firm, before finding success investing full time. He launched Gold Stock Bull in 2005 and turned his focus from helping fortune 500 companies to helping individual investors. Jason is a student of Austrian economics and a proponent of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum.