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Ron Paul on Inflation and Economic Recovery

Neil Cavuto: Is the economy, are the markets, are these companies telling us something, your concern non-withstanding, that things are looking up?

Ron Paul: Well I guess temporarily they could. They are looking up at Goldman Sachs, that’s for sure.

* Ron Paul drilled Bernanke today, questioning his definition of inflation
* Bernanke says Ron Paul’s inflation concerns are misplaced
* Paul counters that Bernanke was not concerned about housing crisis until it hit, so why trust him now?
* The printing of money, rescues and bailouts will eventually become inflationary. Austrian economics teaches you that you can predict trends, but not timing.
* Bernanke will not be able to hold back inflation once it starts
* Whether or not Bernanke is re-appointed is inconsequential. Nobody in world is smart enough to do job of central financial planning because the system is too deeply flawed.
* Things are not really looking up. True unemployment is around 20% and increasing.
* Stagflation is where we are headed
* A little blip in the economy and a few favorable stats after doubling the money supply and bailing out everyone in sight does not for a recovery make.

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