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Ron Paul vs. Peter Joseph – Financial Protest Songs to End Your Week

First off is the latest work from the brilliant minds at Juice Media. Rap News anchor “Robert Foster” takes us through the key issues facing our economic system, channeling the views of both Ron Paul and Peter Joseph, two of the minds I most align with regarding potential solutions. It is funny and entertaining, but also incredibly to the point and serious regarding the current state of affairs…

The next song is from singer/songwriter Jeremy Gilchist in support of the Occupy Wall Street protests. We are the 99%…

No matter your thoughts on how the world has deteriorated so quickly or the best ways to address these growing problems, you should take some refuge in the awakening that appears to be occurring. Long dismissed as too lazy, comfortable or apathetic, even Americans are now taking to the streets to demand accountability and real change. Those of you on the fence about all of this should resist the temptation to criticize the movement for one imperfection or another. At the core is an acknowledgement that the system has failed the majority of Americans and is no longer sustainable. The corruption from the banks, corporations and governments working together to rip off the poor and middle class has to stop and any action that helps to bring attention to these realities is a positive one in my view.

If you are a free-market thinker, you have to start acknowledging that private enterprise shares in the blame and the government is not the sole source of society’s ills. Similarly, those on the left should be careful to entrust the government with solving our problems, as this institution has proven to be incredibly wasteful, inefficient and easily corrupted.

Times, they certainly are a-changin’ and with a quickening pace. I have a growing sense that some cataclysmic change is just around the corner and with enough effort, intelligence and intention, we can avoid repeating history’s mistakes and build a much better system for the benefit of all.

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