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Ron Paul Wins Iowa and Minnesota!

Ron Paul has been drawing thousands of supporters to his campaign speeches, like yesterday in Philadelphia or earlier this month at UCLA. With Romney lucky to bring out a few hundred supporters, how on earth is he the clear leader for the GOP nomination???

We keep hearing that Ron Paul hasn’t won any states, but it appears this mainstream media narrative is no longer true. Ron Paul has locked up 14 of the 28 delegates from Iowa, with the remaining yet to be counted. Ron Paul has also won 20 of the 40 delegates in Minnesota, making the worst-case scenario for the Paul campaign a tie for first place. Most likely, Dr. Paul will win both Iowa and Minnesota by a clear majority of delegates, despite the efforts by GOP insiders to ignore or block his delegates from voting.

Ron Paul might just pull out some miraculous victory yet. He certainly shows no sign of quitting and his supporters are only growing in numbers. Adding fuel to his campaign fire, a new Rasmussen poll shows that while Romney is a dead heat vs. Obama, Ron Paul wins the theoretical match up 44% to 43%! He can win. Whether or not the ruling elite and their vote counters will give him the chance is yet to be seen.

Ron Paul was the guest host on CNBC this morning, staying on point with his message and covering his thoughts on gold and the future of the Federal Reserve.

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