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The Obama Deception and Its Financial Implications

obamadeceptionA new documentary has been released covering Obama’s broken promises and the true agenda of his administration. The film claims Obama is a puppet controlled by the money masters (Federal Reserve and international bankers) who are executing a world takeover via the crash of the financial markets. One comparison highlighted is that the government has thus far pledged nearly $10 Trillion to bail out banks, which is equivalent to America’s total National debt. Our government is willing to print/borrow this absurd amount of money and give it to the banks with few strings attached. Instead of unfreezing the credit markets, the banks have been using this money to buy other banks, pay off debts to companies outside of the U.S. and shore up their own balance sheets.

It is the largest and most staggering wholesale theft ever imagined and the citizens of the United States are too scared, misinformed, propagandized or enamored by Obama to realize it or doing anything about it. Taking the side of the Republicans or Democrats and fighting against the opposite party falls exactly into their trap and is intended only to distract us from the larger issues. Both parties are completely guilty in failing to uphold their Constitutional duties. We have always had corruption in D.C., but it is undoubtedly progressing into unchartered territory.

The film also presents several clues as to the future direction of the stock market and key sectors within it. More than fundamental or technical analysis, I believe that understanding the political and social factors that drive the economy is key to the formation of a successful investment strategy. When a government is in the business of artificially setting economic policy, printing a Trillion dollars out of thin air and giving it to failing companies or deciding to tax a company at a 90% rate, the game is totally rigged. Any remains of a free market system are vanishing, so any investment strategy that assumes a fair playing field or relies upon predictable price movements or reactions to fundamental improvements is flawed and likely to fail.

My expectation is that we will continue to have more bailouts, more printing, more borrowing and the eventual destruction of the dollar. Consequently, the prices of real assets will continue much higher with gold and silver, being monetary, experiencing the greatest price appreciation. The current market rally, or a future one, will be used to sucker as many mainstream investors as possible back into the market, convincing them that the bottom is in. This rally will be short lived and the DJIA will head below 5,000 in the near future.

Alex Jones can be an extremist and I don’t always agree with his views, but this documentary is nonetheless a powerful means of educating the masses as to what is taking place. I would like nothing better than to see all of the predictions in this film proven wrong, but I hold doubt that Obama will be able to stand up against the powers that rushed him into office and become the next JFK, let alone survive such a move and be able to implement any real change. All that we can do is protect our assets from these thieves and help to disseminate this information to as many people as possible.

View the movie at YouTube or Google Video.

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