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Video: There’s No Tomorrow

The 35-minute video below provides an excellent look at the challenges facing mankind today and in the very near future. The film hits on all of the critical points and offers some practical solutions that anyone can start implementing today.

This animated documentary shows how our economic system, by demanding infinite growth on a finite planet with finite resources, is a parasitic and destructive force. It not only enriches a select few at the expense of the many, but it is also threatening our environment and our very existence. It stresses one of the key points that I have been writing about for the past several years and does it in a succinct and easily digestible manner. It boils down to this… We must break free from the fiat fractional-reserve monetary system of infinite growth and move towards a more sustainable model that take into account the caring capacity of our planet. This isn’t about left vs. right, class warfare, socialism or any other “ism.” It is about protecting our world and ultimately about our very survival as a species.

While I hope for the best, I believe that mankind will likely wait until the crisis hits, at which time it will be too late for a successful transition. This highlights the importance of taking individual action, detaching from any dependency on the government or financial system and becoming entirely self-sufficient. Divesting from fiat money and owning precious metals is a great first step, but you should also be thinking about ways to get ‘off the grid’ and become self-reliant. This includes learning to garden and grow your own food, securing a source of water, stockpiling vital medical supplies, producing your own energy and acquiring the means of self-protection. The film also encourages you to get out of debt, avoid using banks, support local businesses and consider the use of local currencies.

Many people have a hard time imagining a financial or currency collapse and believe the government will somehow ride in to save the day at the last minute. They view the potential of economic collapse as highly unlikely or believe there will be plenty of advance notice. While nobody knows for sure how things will play out, I believe it is likely to happen quickly and unexpectedly. So the time to start preparing is now. Beyond the survivalist motivations, it can also be a fun and rewarding experience to learn to grow your own food, purify water, build a solar power system, etc. You and your family will gain valuable real-world skills, while connecting to nature and strengthening bonds to one another.

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Enjoy the film and please share it with as many people as possible. May we all have peace and prosperity!

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