The most rewarding part of my work is knowing that I am having a tangible positive impact on the lives of others. When I receive emails from subscribers saying how they can now afford to retire early, pay for college for their kids or put down a deposit on their dream home, it gives me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.

With the gains in the Gold Stock Bull portfolio over the past several years and the low rate of turnover in subscriptions, it is safe to say that most of my customers fall into the “very satisfied” category.

Scroll down to read testimonials that I have received in the past year. They are all 100% real, unsolicited emails from paying premium members. You can also click the image below to read reviews on Investimonials, a popular review site for all things financial or click here to read reviews on Stock Gumshoe. You can also read reviews on

“You’ve made me some good money and you are the best stock picker of the 3 newsletter I follow.”
– Dave K.

“I just wanted to let you know my subscription is the best money I have spent on information ever. I appreciate all of the time you must spend on research and feel you are giving your subscribers great value for their money. Thank you!”
– Petra H.

“Yes Jason, I want to sign up again and paid up for the full year. I want to continue receiving your opinion about trades. I have cancelled another service to pick up yours.”
– Richard B.

“I would first like to say how much I enjoy your service. I especially find your writing extremely enjoyable to read. It’s very simple and I look forward to reading every sentence. What I find to be the most valuable part of your service is your core holdings. I was very happy to learn that MOO was going to be part of your long-term strategy. Gold Stock Bull is exactly what I have looking for. Thank You Jason for all that you do.”
– David L.

“Some time ago I stumbled on your predictions and were amazed at your accuracy and forsight. Now after following many financial newsletters from Kiplinger in the 70s to Louis Navilier in the 2000s, I have finally found nirvana with U! Examples; 1000shs SLW @17.64 on 1st dip, 500shs @18.08 on 2nd dip,1000shs CAGC@11.18 plus 1000s GG, EXK, AXU and many of AUNFF. I and my wife of 53 years are sitting on the most profit of our time,THANX 2-U!!! I can now imagine our Schwab managers wondering where this guy is getting all these BIG WINNERS, that they never heard of.”
– Lawrence S.

“My firm is a bit under the radar but is one of largest fixed income trading firms in the US and we are one of the few firms looking for lower rates and lower GDP estimates than consensus in 2011. You mentioned “QE to infinity”…Our Chief Economist calls it QE 4ever. Our Chief econ has been voted as one of the top Economists by Asian institutional Investors for many years running. A trade we’re still seeing from our Asian accts is selling of US tsys,US$’s & Buying GOLD. You gotta love having too many gains in 1 year and that you can afford to delay taking them into the new year. It pays to have “smart” and “savvy” gurus like you! Thanks for all your hard work, advice and all the WINNERS!”
– Bill R


To sign up for the premium membership, click the button below. While I can’t guarantee that the types of gains described above will continue indefinitely, I feel confident that the success will carry on and I promise to continue working hard to find undervalued stocks and profitable trading opportunities.


Jason Hamlin
Founder – Gold Stock Bull