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About Jason Hamlin

Jason is the founder of He previously worked in data analytics for the world's largest research firm, consulting to Fortune 500 companies globally. Jason eventually leveraged those skills to trade successfully full-time and after helping friends and family optimize their investments, he launched Gold Stock Bull and The GSB Contrarian Report newsletter. Jason is a cycles investor with a contrarian eye for identifying undervalued assets. He has built an expertise in both the precious metals and cryptocurrency markets. Jason believes in honest money, limited government, decentralization of power and enjoys studying alternative economic models.

Part II: 3 Investment Sectors to Buy Over the Next 12 Months

In Part I of this series, I discussed three investment sectors that I think investors should avoid in the near term. I laid out my case for minimizing exposure to asset classes that appear to be in bubble territory, including stocks, bonds and real estate. The FED has pumped up these assets with artificially-low interest [...]

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3 Investment Sectors to Avoid and 3 to Buy Over the Next 12 Months

Part I... 3 Investment Sectors to Avoid Over the Next 12 Months Last year was incredible by all accounts. The average gain for the year in our model portfolio was 330%. That isn't a typo. We've had a triple digit year once before and double-digit years several times, but this was the best year of [...]

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Jason Hamlin Interview – Gold & Silver Prices Long Overdue For A Breakout

Jason Hamlin, founder of the Gold Stock Bull newsletter ( , discussed with us on SBTV the state of gold and silver prices at this moment. He shares his expectations on the performance of precious metals in 2018. Jason first started sharing his bullish views on Bitcoin to subscribers when it was around $100 and [...]

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Bitcoin Seasonality Chart and Buying Opportunities

Bitcoin seasonality can help investors determine the best times to buy or sell throughout the year. After prices dropped sharply during Q1 of 2018, we can expect a stronger Q2 ahead. While April is typically a weak month for Bitcoin, May and June are two of the strongest months of the year. With average gains [...]

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China’s Nuclear Option in Trade Wars and Russia’s Nuclear Option in Real War

The United States and China are entrenched in an escalating trade war with tit-for-tat tariffs reaching towards $300 billion annually ($150b on each side). Some believe there is no doubt that the United States would win a trade war. Perhaps this is true, but we have to ask as what expense? China's Nuclear Option in [...]

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Legalization Likely to Boost Prospects of Cannabis Stocks in Canada

Legal cannabis is clearly one of the most lucrative industries in the world right now for global investors. In 2017, the sales of legal marijuana jumped by 33 percent to $9.7bn in North American market alone and because of tax cuts in America, these numbers should continue to grow. Cannabis stocks or marijuana stocks stand [...]

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Is It Time to Buy the Dip in Bitcoin?

The price has fallen from nearly $20,000 in mid-December to just $6,000, before bouncing to the current price of $7,000. The chart shows a drop below trendline support over the psat week, which is a bearish sign. We would like to see a move back above $7,250 in the near term to turn bullish. To [...]

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Larry Kudlow vs. Vladimir Putin on Gold

The gold price is up just 1% year to date in 2018 and has advanced 5.5% from the December 2017 low. There are some bullish signs from the chart, including a number of higher highs and higher lows following the late 2015 bottom at $1,045. But it certainly hasn't been the powerful breakout the gold [...]

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Dispelling Cryptocurrency Myths

The following infographic dispels some common misconceptions or myths about cryptocurrencies and is a good resource for investors that are new to this space. This article was originally published at The price of Bitcoin bottomed on February 5th around $6,000 and has since bounced back to around $12,000. Those that were brave enough to buy [...]

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CFTC / SEC Hearing on Cryptocurrencies Mostly Bullish

I wasn't expecting that much open-mindedness from a government institution. The Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs met this morning to conduct a hearing entitled, Virtual Currencies: The Oversight Role of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The witnesses were Jay Clayton, Chairman of the U.S. Securities [...]

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