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Gold and Silver Thanksgiving Update

Big Picture Perspective: Consider the 30-year graphs for gold and silver.  Both peaked in 1980, corrected for 20 years and bottomed in 2001. Following 9-11, official U.S. national debt substantially increased, while the actions of the U.S. government, Federal Reserve, and commercial banks continually devalued the dollar. Bond markets extended their multi-decade bull run (yield [...]

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Gold, Silver and Oil Surge as Real-Life ‘Game of Thrones’ Unfolds in Saudi Arabia

Gold, silver and oil prices all spiked significantly higher today on news coming out of Saudi Arabia. Several members of the royal family were arrested and imprisoned over the past few days. This appears to be an attempt to consolidate power by the 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The so-called "anti-corruption probe" is widely seen [...]

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What You Know for Sure that Just Ain’t So!

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so. -Mark Twain We know many things for sure.  Examples are: In 1913 we knew that a European war was unlikely because European countries would not engage in pointless and mutually destructive actions. Later we [...]

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Gold, Gold Stocks, and Gold Favorable News

Recent News: Four hurricanes arrived in six weeks.  Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate have caused hundreds of billions in damage to the US.  Repairs and human misery will continue for months or years.  Many will never return to Puerto Rico, Houston, and Florida. Where will they go and what will it cost? Regardless, it means [...]

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Ponzi Finance and Gold Stocks

September News Recap: THE FEDERAL RESERVE met and talked. The unofficial statement issued after their meeting was, “Yada, Yada, Yada.” Their statement was translated by an obscure web site, link unavailable, which interpreted their statement as: “The Federal Reserve along with other important central banks and G-20 nations have created a pyramid of debt. This [...]

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Yellen’s Comments Suggest Easier Monetary Policy Ahead, Which is Bullish for Gold

Yellen admitted today that the FED may have overstated the strength of the labor market and the rate of inflation. This suggests that we may see a shift to easier than expected monetary policy in the months and years ahead. In other words, the FED will not be raising rates as aggressively as anticipated and [...]

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Harvey, Irma, Gold and Bad Options

In the Previous Three Weeks: Gold rose over $1,330. Silver reached $18.00. The DOW almost reached another all-time high. Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, flooded Houston, and caused massive damage. Hurricane Irma crashed into Florida and created flooding and huge damage, although a late move west reduced potential destruction. China is preparing a [...]

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Gold Distributes Wealth, Central Bank Fiat Concentrates It

The fruits of increased productivity used to be distributed across society. Everyone benefited as the economy became more productive, new technologies emerged and new industries were born. Prosperity spread across society as jobs were created, poverty was reduced and a robust and thriving middle class emerged in America. Then came the 1970's and something suddenly changed. [...]

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Gold is Headed to $1,500 by Year End

A confluence of factors has been pushing the price of gold higher over the past few weeks and I believe it is headed for $1,500 by the close of 2017. After hitting a low around $1,200 in July, the price of gold has since advanced by more than 10% or $140 to $1,340. The chart [...]

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Silver Cycles and War Cycles

Why Silver Cycles and War Cycles? Because silver prices and wars are connected, and because cycles have predictive value when viewed over the long term.  Look at silver prices since the year 1900.  Yes, silver has not freely traded for a long time, but there is value in the study. Six important silver lows have [...]

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