Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet, Gold Shrugs Again

Gold hasn't been acting as a hedge against geopolitical turmoil at all lately. It barely budged after the deadliest attack on French soil since World War II killed 129 people. It has only slipped lower since Russia's military moved into the Middle East for the first time since the botched invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. In breaking news [...]

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Is It Time To Prepare For War With Russia?

I have been concerned about the escalating tensions with Russia for a few months now. Family and friends don't seem too concerned at all. Even most of the alternative news websites that I track rarely mention it. I have yet to hear of any protests or organized action against involvement in Russia's back yard. Maybe [...]

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Jason Hamlin Interview with Kerry Lutz – Correction Is Ending: Gold And Miners To Go Higher

I had the pleasure to chat with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network yesterday. We spoke about precious metals, technical support levels, improving fundamentals, the battle over Ukraine, increasing exposure of the gold price manipulation, price discovery moving from West to East, strong demand from China, the rise of Bitcoin and much more. Click [...]

Russia Pulls $100 Billion in Bonds from FED

By Matt Phillips @MatthewPhillips Somebody just yanked $105 billion dollars worth of US government bonds out of the Federal Reserve, according to the latest data from the US central bank. As you can see, a withdrawal of that scale is pretty much unprecedented. By way of background, the Fed does a lot of things. It [...]

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Ukraine Proxy War… Bullish for Gold, Bearish for Peace

The standoff between Ukrainians who want European-style democracy and a government that is aligned with Russia erupted Tuesday in an explosion of violence that has since left over 100 dead and could reignite an East-West confrontation thought long buried. There is a lack of awareness on the part of the protesters that by permitting themselves [...]

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