Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing

By Michael Snyder, on November 12th, 2013 A banker named Andrew Huszar that helped manage the Federal Reserve's quantitative easing program during 2009 and 2010 is publicly apologizing for what he has done. He says that quantitative easing has accomplished next to nothing for the average person on the street. Instead, he says that it [...]

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Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Syria, World War III, Dollar Collapse and $30,000 Gold

When it comes to war in Syria, economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, "This time the big lie didn't work like it did in Iraq." Let's cut to the chase... the reason for looking for a fabricated excuse to attack Assad is to continue the radicalization of Muslims in hopes that it spreads to Russia [...]

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Debt Can Never Be Repaid (By Bankster Design)

You really have to hand it to the banksters. As was painstakingly detailed in the book Creature from Jekyll Island, the banking elite devised a brilliant plan in November of 1910 on Jekyll Island in which to take over control of the United States, steal the wealth from the taxpayers and the resources from the [...]

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To Rob a Country, Own a Bank

William Black, author of "The Best Way to Rob a Bank Is to Own One" talks about the deliberate fraud on Wall Street during this interview on The Real News Network. Key points from his interview include: Part One - The current financial crisis is a deliberate fraud, not just some systemic anomaly or mistake. [...]

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U.S. Government Funded by Shell Game as Fed Buys 80% of Debt

It appears that foreigners are no longer lining up to buy U.S. government debt. As reported in the article below, the Federal Reserve is now buying around 80% of the debt issued by the U.S. government to fill its $1.4 Trillion record annual budget deficit. This is a disturbing development and confirms that the U.S. [...]

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Move Your Money Out of Big Banks

The banksters have undoubtedly betrayed the trust of the American people and their customers worldwide. They engaged in risky derivatives gambling with our money, made boatloads of cash when things went well and then stuck us with the bill when their irresponsible bets lost money. Heads they win; tails we lose. Congress initially voted against [...]

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