Support Peter Schiff for Senate

Peter Schiff discusses CNBC, Goldman Sachs, health care tax and his Senate run. We need more politicians that follow the Austrian school of economics and fewer that follow the Keynsian belief that government can solve all problems and printing a Trillion dollars to give to banks with no strings attached is a good idea. Schiff [...]

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Ron Paul on Inflation and Economic Recovery

Neil Cavuto: Is the economy, are the markets, are these companies telling us something, your concern non-withstanding, that things are looking up? Ron Paul: Well I guess temporarily they could. They are looking up at Goldman Sachs, that's for sure. * Ron Paul drilled Bernanke today, questioning his definition of inflation * Bernanke says Ron [...]

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Senate Blocks Attempt to Audit Federal Reserve

Fed Independence or Fed Secrecy? Who would vote against an ammendment allowing GAO to audit what the Federal Reserve is doing? Especially after Obama's endless pledges for a more transparent government. The hypocrisy is thick. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is blocked by Senate Democrat Leadership from having a vote on his amendment to audit the [...]

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Central Banks Buying Gold

The IMF will likely find eager buyers for all of those ounces of gold that they continually threaten to dump on the market. Not only have we seen foreign governments such as China and Russia increasing their gold reserves lately, but Forbes just reported the following: Central banks may be justified in increasing their gold [...]

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The Obama Deception and Its Financial Implications

A new documentary has been released covering Obama's broken promises and the true agenda of his administration. The film claims Obama is a puppet controlled by the money masters (Federal Reserve and international bankers) who are executing a world takeover via the crash of the financial markets. One comparison highlighted is that the government has [...]

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