The following infographic dispels some common misconceptions or myths about cryptocurrencies and is a good resource for investors that are new to this space. This article was originally published at

Dispelling the Myths of the Cryptocurrency World

The price of Bitcoin bottomed on February 5th around $6,000 and has since bounced back to around $12,000. Those that were brave enough to buy the dip have seen their investment nearly double in just a few weeks! Yet, the price still need to go up another 60% to return to January highs, so there is plenty of upside ahead. We predict the price will rise above $50,000 during 2018, with the potential to hit $100,000 within the next 24 months.

Bitcoin’s price recently broke through key technical resistance, so we are adding to our positions in multiple cryptocurrencies. Our top altcoins picks outperformed Bitcoin by a wide margin last year and we expect the same this year. To view our portfolio in real time, receive our buy/sell trade alerts and get the monthly newsletter, please click here to subscribe.