I admit to being impressed with some of Stefan Molyneux’s early videos, but the more I heard him speak, the more I realized how locked he is inside the free market paradigm. His logic only holds up within that paradigm and his confirmation bias and inability to consider other viewpoints is glaringly obvious the more you listen to him speak. Just last month, he released a video critiquing my article on why free markets need regulation. In his pompous and condescending tone, he attacked, ridiculed and dismissed my arguments without offering much in the way of counter-arguments. I am certainly no fan of the government and don’t believe more regulation is the solution, but simply wanted to point out the insanity of thinking capitalism could regulate itself and magically create an ideal economic system.

Stefan also attempted to critique the ideas behind the Zeitgeist Movement. In the video below Stefan clearly shows his total indoctrination to the free market system, lack of critical thinking and use of straw men arguments and name-calling to get his point across.

I was going to write a rebuttal to Stefan’s dismissive critique of my article and considered going on his show to debate the ideas, but Peter Joseph sufficiently counters every one of Stefan’s tired old arguments in the video below. I can understand the attraction of championing free markets over crony capitalism, but I am convinced that simply removing regulations is not the panacea that libertarians believe it to be.

Stefan and others can point fingers, blame the State for everything and quote Mises until they are blue in the face, but it does not make their case any more relevant to the problems we face today. Non-violence and unregulated super-capitalism are utterly incompatible in my view. It is time that we start thinking outside of the box and considering the caring capacity of the planet and our sustainability as a species.

Check out the video below of Peter Joseph schooling Stefan and let me know what you think: