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Ben is an independent investor that writes in order to clarify his own ideas and refine his investment strategies. Ben's investment philosophy is guided by two major themes: long term secular trends and deep value.

Why I’m a Gold Bull by Ben Kramer-Miller

Overview The past few years have been lousy for gold and related equities with few exceptions. Gold miners have been hit especially hard, as they've been impacted by more than just falling gold prices. Production costs have risen. Political risks have suspended several outstanding projects. Capital has been much more difficult to come by as [...]

PDAC 2015 Takeaways: 3 Gold Miners And One Graphite Miner Show Tremendous Promise

Gold Stock Bull contributor, Ben Kramer-Miller, covers the 2015 PDAC show for us and offers some great insights into the premier mining convention, plus a few promising stock picks... From Monday March 2nd through Wednesday March 4th I had the opportunity to attend the PDAC Convention in Toronto.  For readers who aren’t familiar with this [...]

What’s In Store For Gold in 2015?

The following article is from Gold Stock Bull contributor, Ben Kramer-Miller.  While I agree with his overall assessment and reasoning, I am a bit more bullish in the short term and think precious metals have likely already found a bottom. Of course, short-term pricing is driven by paper derivative contracts and the emotions of investors [...]

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What Is So Compelling About Royalty Companies?

Over the past decade, the prices of precious metals have performed incredibly well.  However the companies that mine these metals have not had the same good fortune.  These companies suffer from a variety of issues, although the most pressing is rising production costs. It doesn’t matter that the gold price is up roughly $1,000/oz. over the [...]

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Gold Investors Shouldn’t Fear Rising Interest Rates

Investors commonly assume that rising interest rates adversely impact the gold price, and vise versa.  They believe that a rising interest rate environment is indicative of a strong economy, which is supposed to drive investors out of gold and into the stock market.  They further assume that investors will want to exchange their gold, which [...]

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6 Tips for Picking Winning Gold Miners

There is no substitute for gold.  But gold miners, if you choose them correctly, can not only leverage your exposure as they grow their businesses, but they can generate cash-flow and dividends that are correlated to the gold price. This sounds great!  Unfortunately it isn't so easy to pick gold miners that provide these advantages. [...]

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