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Facebook Lost the Entire Market Cap of Bitcoin and Nearly 50% of the Entire Crypto Market Cap Overnight

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grabbed headlines ever since their market prices began to see a spectacular rise last year. Governments, public agencies, financial institutions and large investors (including Warren Buffett) have spent a considerable amount of time commenting on cryptocurrencies during this entire period. But does crypto deserve so much prominence and attention (mostly [...]

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Crypto Market Surges Following a Series of Optimistic Developments for Digital Currencies

The final week of April was outstanding for the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin increasing in value after a sharp decline over the past few months. There have been a number of positive developments – from Nasdaq CEO endorsing cryptocurrencies to the exponential increase in the sales of Ripple XRP currency. Here is a recap of [...]

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How Different Asset Classes Perform During Periods of War and Geopolitical Uncertainty?

Humans are emotional creatures at their core and they often let their emotions influence their decisions, including the investment choices they make. It is, however, not a prudent idea to let logic take a backseat to emotions when it comes to investing your hard earned money. As the specter of a nuclear conflict with Russia [...]

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Growing EV Battery Demand Creates a Compelling Investor Opportunity in 2018

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, the demand for electrical vehicles (EV) keeps growing by the day. Governmental agencies offer tax credits and rebates in an effort to incentivize EV sales and to reduce people’s dependency on fossil fuel based vehicles. This has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for EV [...]

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