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Bitcoin Hits High of $4,500, Dash in Apple App Store, ICOs Continue Upward Trend

Weekly Price Action in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Alt-Coins The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has hit a new all-time high recently going above $4,500. The popular cryptocurrency reached beyond previous records set earlier this week and beyond most people have predicted in a short-time. Ultimately, the price peaked out at $4,510 just after a previous top [...]

By |2017-09-24T22:52:50-07:00August 18th, 2017|2017 predictions, bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies|

Bitcoin Forks into Bitcoin Cash, SEC Warns on ICOs, and FileCoin Launches

Big news happened in the Bitcoin space this week when Bitcoin Cash was created on August 1st.  A group of miners "forked" from the main bitcoin blockchain. This happened by moving to a software code that changed the rules by which the network functions. In a way, now there are two versions of what we [...]

By |2017-08-02T10:20:33-07:00August 2nd, 2017|bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies|

Former Bain Manager Launches $50M Fund, Tezos ICO, and Pantera Money-Raise

Bitcoin closed down slightly on the week, as worries about the SegWit (Segregated Witness) proposal seemed to weigh on investors. The appetite for digital currency remains robust long-term as several hedge funds made headlines within the past couple weeks talking up both Bitcoin and Ethereum. The summer doldrums continue on with low volume in the [...]

By |2017-07-07T12:25:12-07:00July 7th, 2017|bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies|

Cryptocurrency Update: Experts say Ethereum to Eclipse Bitcoin, Despite Current Scaling Issues

The bitcoin price has corrected from just over $3,000 on June 12th to $2,500 today. It is currently at a key technical support level, but has additional support around the $2,100 and $1,800 price levels. The most bullish outcome would be for the bottom leg of the converging triangle pattern to hold up as support [...]

By |2021-02-17T00:32:33-07:00June 30th, 2017|bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies|

Cryptocurrency Review: India Legalizes Bitcoin, Ethereum Flash Crash, ICO Update

Welcome to the Gold Stock Bull weekly cryptocurrency review. There were plenty of major happenings in the crypto world this week, so let's dive in... This week it was announced by the Unicode Consortium, that the 10.0 version of the Unicode Standard will include a Bitcoin symbol. According to an article in The Verge online [...]

By |2021-02-17T00:34:10-07:00June 23rd, 2017|bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies|

Cryptocurrency Update: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Bitcoin Crosses $3,000 on Coindesk Index

Morgan Stanley says Bitcoin Needs Government Regulation to Rise Further Morgan Stanley made headlines this week when it said that the “rapid appreciation” of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, had “elicited many inbound phone calls to both our banks and tech teams” as the gains continue to pique the interest of prospective investors. The [...]

By |2017-06-27T11:46:24-07:00June 16th, 2017|bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies|
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