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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Predictions2018-10-08T08:57:16+00:00

Bitcoin Price Forecast, Trends and Predictions

bitcoin price forecast

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have generated some life-changing returns for investors over the past few years. Bitcoin closed the year 2017 up more than 14x, while Ethereum returned over 87x and Litecoin advanced by 52x! It is crazy to think that we are measuring annual returns in ‘x’ rather than ‘%’ in this sector.

Can Cryptocurrency Prices Continue Higher?

I believe there is significantly more upside ahead for cryptocurrencies. Part of the reason is that they are still in their infancy, with the technology still developing and adoption still very low. If you understand the revolutionary nature of blockchain technology and free-market money, you will conclude that things are just getting started.

Futures trading is now active and we are likely to see the first bitcoin and cryptocurrency ETF in the near future. Once institutional money begins flowing into these high-return investments, prices could soar.

At the present time, it is estimated that less than 1% of the population holds any bitcoin. With a strictly limited supply of 21 million and rapidly growing demand, the price has the potential to climb much higher. If just 10% of the investing public were to buy bitcoin, there would be a massive inflow of funds and new demand to push prices higher.

Here are my price predictions or forecasts for bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin over the next few years…

Bitcoin Price Prediction / Forecast

bitcoin price forecast prediction 2018

2018 Bitcoin Price Prediction: $12,000

2019 Bitcoin Price Prediction: $40,000

2020 Bitcoin Price Prediction: $100,000

Ethereum Price Prediction / Forecast

ethereum price prediction

2018 Ethereum Price Prediction: $400

2019 Ethereum Price Prediction: $1,000

2020 Ethereum Price Prediction: $2,000

Litecoin Price Prediction / Forecast

litecoin price prediction

2018 Litecoin Price Prediction: $200

2019 Litecoin Price Prediction: $500

2020 Litecoin Price Prediction: $1,000

I don’t have a crystal ball and these are just my personal predictions based on my research. If you want to follow which cryptocurrencies we currently hold in our portfolio, which initial coin offerings (ICOs) we think have the greatest potential, plus receive our monthly newsletter and weekly trade alerts, click the button below to get started.

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