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Cryptocurrency Investment Research

cryptocurrency newsletterGold Stock Bull’s Contrarian Report investment newsletter includes analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. We publish one of the few investment newsletters that covers digital currencies, including bitcoin technical price analysis, bitcoin price forecasts, bitcoin news updates each month and recommendations for when to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We periodically cover token sale/ICO opportunities, although the easy money in this space has largely dried up as venture capital has moved into the space and there is increased regulatory scrutiny. Still, we developed an ICO tracker that evaluates and assigns a rating to initial coin offerings. The spreadsheet then sorts based on multiple criteria and provides an overall score for the ICOs with the highest potential for success and greatest expected return on investment (ROI).

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Our newsletter also covers other forms of money, such as gold and silver. We seek profitable investment opportunities for our subscribers in multiple sectors and recommend picks in mining stocks, lithium stocks, agriculture stocks, energy stocks, cannabis stocks and other sectors.

We have been bullish on bitcoin since it traded under $100 and recommended bitcoin to our subscribers way back in 2013. We have created a bitcoin investment guide titled “Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrencies,” which covers the best ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and the most secure ways to store them.

The price of bitcoin recently rocketed to an all-time high and our bitcoin price prediction calls for much higher prices in the years ahead. There is increased demand for bitcoin with strictly limited supply and slowing output until 21 million bitcoins are reached.

We believe that the bitcoin price can climb to $100,000 or higher in the years ahead. While those gains would be impressive, we expect many of the quality altcoins to outperform bitcoin and generate life-changing gains as adoption grows and institutional money flows into the space.

Some of the largest banks and technology companies are embracing blockchain technology, including IBM, Microsoft and JP Morgan. New cryptocurrencies with advanced smart contract technology, decentralized exchanges or targeting niche industries are being developed every day. We are at the forefront of an entirely new technology that will provide incredible opportunities for economic growth and wealth building.

We have recently recommended a few lesser known cryptocurrencies to our subscribers and have realized exponential gains. There are so many exciting projects and new blockchain technologies in the works. We aim to be early investors in the next big projects and seek to generate massive returns by getting in before mainstream investors learn about these companies.

If you would like to follow our analysis of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you can sign up for the newsletter here. It features a growing section on cryptocurrencies each month, ICO opportunities and trade alerts whenever we are buying or selling. We aim to be the best cryptocurrency investment newsletter in existence, consistently helping to maximize returns for our subscribers.

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