Silver, Stock Markets and TANSTAAFL

SILVER: Silver has been the money of commerce for several thousand years.  In contrast, unbacked debt-based fiat currencies have been a devaluing money substitute for decades. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, total debt securities and official national debt have increased exponentially for decades.  Prices for the stock market, silver, gold, food and most [...]

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Gold to S&P 500 Ratio Flashing Major Buy Signal

Since 1971 when President Nixon allowed the dollar’s purchasing power to sink and asset prices to rise exponentially: The S&P 500 Index has risen from 100 to 2,480 Gold prices have risen from $42 to $1,300. Most consumer prices have risen substantially. U.S. Government official national debt has increased from $400 billion to $20 trillion. [...]

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Bitcoin Hits High of $4,500, Dash in Apple App Store, ICOs Continue Upward Trend

Weekly Price Action in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Alt-Coins The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has hit a new all-time high recently going above $4,500. The popular cryptocurrency reached beyond previous records set earlier this week and beyond most people have predicted in a short-time. Ultimately, the price peaked out at $4,510 just after a previous top [...]

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Why The Bitcoin Price Could Top $1 Million

The price of Bitcoin made a new record high above $4,300 today and is now up roughly 350% year to date or 643% over the past 12 months. If you add in the free Bitcoin Cash distributed to Bitcoin holders, the current value of Bitcoin is closer to $4,600. In this article, I will lay out the [...]

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“What, Me Worry?” Markets

Mad Magazine introduced Alfred E. Neuman (What, Me Worry?) in the 1950s. He did NOT become a central banker. That is “fake news.” Global central banks, including the Federal Reserve, created “What, Me Worry?” markets after the 2008 crash.  There has been little worry since the November election, until now. But the market worry level [...]

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“A Stock Market Crash is Coming!”

Conventional “Wisdom:” Markets move up and down, but the stock market always comes back. The DOW is frothy and needs a correction, but the stock markets are healthy and big gains lie ahead. Pessimistic version:  Jim Rogers said, “the next crash will ‘the biggest in my lifetime.’” [Coming soon …] Question:  Given the craziness in [...]

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GDXJ Sell Off is a Blessing in Disguise

I. The Bond Market Loses Confidence in the Fed After the Fed hiked rates and highlighted their balance sheet unwinding plans last week, bond yields further dropped. This means there is a significant lack of confidence in the economy and doubt in the Fed by bond investors. Why does this matter? Because bond investors are [...]

Gold Slips on Dollar Strength, Profit Taking, Trump Comments and Futures Expiration

Friday morning update: Gold and silver have gone vertical in the last 30 minutes after Q4 GDP growth came in at just 1.9% versus earlier expectations of 2.2%. In addition, durable goods orders dropped more than expected. Interestingly, both gold and silver are rallying without a drop in the USD. Silver is leading gold, up [...]

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