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Gold Makes Record High and Targets $6,000 in New Bull Cycle

The gold price made a new all-time nominal high today at $1,945 per ounce. This move should not come as a surprise to anyone paying attention to the current financial landscape. The FED has injected an unprecedented amount of new money/debt into the economy since March in efforts to avoid a collapse from the impact [...]

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Guide to Surviving Crisis (COVID-19 Update)

“It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.” – Franz Kafka Underlying Conditions That Could Cause a Crisis I first wrote this guide in 2008, as the financial markets started to fall apart. I had concerns that the fiat fractional reserve monetary system could collapse, with bank runs, a [...]

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If History Repeats, Gold is Headed to $8,000

The gold price bottomed in late 2015 around $1,050 per ounce. It has since advanced to a high of $1,555 in early September, followed by a pullback to the current price of $1,470. Gold is in a well-defined uptrend channel with higher lows and recently higher highs. The breakout above $1,360 this summer was significant [...]

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Gold and Silver Investors Should Be Wary of Trade Talk Optimism and Buy the Dip

The stock market is rallying and precious metals are correcting sharply today. The prevailing trade is risk-on once again. The main driver is news that the U.S. and China said they would hold talks in Washington during early October, reigniting hopes for an eventual trade truce. But anyone paying attention knows how this works. With [...]

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Economic Turmoil Boosts Safe Haven Assets: Long Real Money, Short Fiat

Gold and Bitcoin are becoming correlated for the first time in historyStocks in the US are beyond overvaluedThe Fed may ease monetary policy furtherThe US Dollar is losing reserve currency statusGold continues hitting record highs against major fiat currencies Safe-haven assets are seeing massive capital inflows. This has been forecasted for a long time by [...]

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Gold Spikes to a 6-Year High Above $1,550

Gold has picked up where it left off on Friday. The safe-haven metal has spiked $20 higher above $1,550 in early Asian trading. It is now near the top-end of the short-term trend channel and the RSI is overbought, but the fundamental drivers of the price advance appear to be accelerating. Silver is also rallying [...]

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Bakkt Launch Leads to Moon? Positive Crypto News

Bakkt is set to launch on September 23rdBitcoin hash rate reached a new ATH this month ahead of halvingNew Zealand tax authority lets citizens receive crypto salariesBTC/USD bull market is far from over August 2019 has been full of positive crypto news so far. The Bakkt launch will bring legitimacy to crypto and attract additional [...]

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Mass Shootings 2019: Toward a Technological Solution

America has been gripped with violence for decades. While this is nothing new, the large number of mass shootings in 2019 is part of a growing trend over the last five to ten years. While some politicians seek to exploit every tragedy to push their own agendas, political gridlock prevents much of anything from being [...]

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Recent Bonanza Grade Gold Intercepts Mean These Companies Could Explode Higher Very Soon

GoldStockBull subscribers know that gold mining stocks have done quite well in recent months. But companies that have recently found bonanza grade gold have upside potential above and beyond that of their peers. 2019 is proving to be a great year for gold. As COMEX Gold consolidates above $1,400 and now even $1,450, it’s clear [...]

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Gold Breaks Major Technical Resistance and Could Climb Toward $3,000 by 2021

Gold has dipped back below $1,400 this morning, as investors believe the strong employment report reduces the odds of a rate cut this year. I believe they are weighing the significance of this one highly-manicured preliminary data point too heavily and the FED will still be forced to cut rates later this year. Therefore, I [...]

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