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While You Were Watching Fireworks, Silver Surged Above $21

While most Americans were busy watching fireworks explode across the night sky, the real fireworks were taking place with the silver price. During Asian and London hours it surged over 7%, taking out psychological resistance at $20 and briefly surging above $21 for the first time since 2013! Short squeeze anyone? Silver confirmed its uptrend this [...]

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Aurcana Sets New Production Record During Q3, Time to Buy?

Our ‘miner spotlights’ will periodically highlight mining companies with significant news such as high-grade drill results, the release of economic studies, takeover rumors, insider buying or other events. This will allow subscribers the opportunity to perform their own due diligence and potentially identify mining stocks at the start of a new major uptrend. We never [...]

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Gold Stocks vs. Silver Stocks

There are some great articles comparing gold versus silver as investments. One of the best is Adam Hamilton's recent article entitled Silver Lagging Gold. "So much becomes clear when silver is considered from a speculator's perspective. Early on in gold uplegs, greed is low and speculators are skeptical that the gold upleg is for real. [...]

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