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ico ratings reviewsCryptocurrency ICO Ratings

Get our reviews and ratings of the best current and upcoming initial coin offerings (ICOs) or token sales. We track all major crowdsales and then rate them on multiple criteria including: concept, team, minimum viable product, the degree to which they are leveraging blockchain technology and smart contracts, ICO structure, target capital raise, and percentage of token supply being distributed to investors. We then assign scores in each of these areas and use a formual to arrive at an overall score for each ICO or token sale taking place. The spreadsheet is then sorted by the ICOs with the greatest potential ROIs and chances for success in the marketplace.

A screenshot of the spreadsheet we share with subscribers is below, with our top picks redacted out of respect to paying subscribers. This sheet is updated on a weekly basis.

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Jason Hamlin developes the ICO ratings and has a background in data analytics with the world’s largest market research firm. He was also an analytics consultant to Fortune 500 companies around the globe, specializing in pricing and promotion analysis and ROI optimization. His track record in selecting crytpocurrencies and picking winning ICOs has been stellar, in addition to his work analyzing junior mining stocks.

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We were early onboard the cryptocurrency train and have been investing in bitcoin and tracking altcoins since the early days. We believe in the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize and disrupt most major industries. We also believe in the power of decentralaziation and positive impact it will have on society.

Our ICO tracker is avaible to Gold Stock Bull premium members. As a subscriber, you will not only get the ICO tracker, but our top cryptocurrency picks, our top stock picks, our monthly contrarian investment newsletter and buy/sell alerts whenever we are trading.  You can sign up with the button below.