Silver went parabolic again today and briefly climbed above $34, the highest level in more than 30 years! Investors are scrambling to get their hands on as much physical silver as possible and this rush is showing up via supply shortages.

I believe Eric Sprott to be one of the smartest guys in the commodity investment space. In the video below, Eric discusses how the government statistics for silver investment demand are significantly under-stated. He adds up just a few of the popular funds and get a number that is nearly double the government’s official numbers. He goes on to conclude that between the investment funds and individual holdings, there is no more silver left.

While it is true that you can still get silver in some forms at the moment, supplies of other forms such as 100-ounce and 1KG bars have dried up in many places, including some of the largest bullion dealers. Eric believes the silver price will easily climb to $50 or more this year. And the truly amazing thing is that silver is doing this with just around 2% of investors owning any silver. If this number were to double to just 4% of total investors, silver would rocket towards $100 in a hurry and it would become next to impossible to get your hands on any physical silver without paying a ridiculous premium of 50% or more. If you don’t own any physical silver yet, perhaps because you have been waiting for the price to dip, you might consider doing it now while you still can.

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