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Ralph Morgan presents posted at Enough Wealth, saying, “The trend in home loan defaults is a bit worrying, and may impact bank profits in the medium term – perhaps now is the time to lighten exposure to bank stocks.”

Dan Harris presents posted at . Dan discusses ways to capitalize on China’s growing consumerism, quoting a story from The Street.

Tyler presents posted at . With a P/E Ratio under 9 and dividend yield of about 9%, Tyler takes a look at Southern Peru Copper. We like Taseko Mines (TGB) for a high-potential copper play.

Gina presents posted at Tax advice for the purchase of company stock.

Chris presents posted at , saying, “If Microsoft wants to win the war in several key markets, it makes sense for them to disband.”

Dan Carty presents posted at . Dan takes an in-depth look at the valuation of Apple’s stock and questions whether it should be a part of his portfolio.

I like Apple, love my G4 and think they are a good buy in current market conditions. However, as many of our readers are aware, we think the market is ready for a crash and Apple will come down with it. Goldguru says… protect your portfolio by diversifying into gold, silver and energy.

George presents posted at , presenting, “A long-term look at the competitive strength of CRA International, an economic, financial, and business consulting firm.”

Goldguru presents posted at , saying, “We expect gold and energy to be rangebound until after the November mid-term elections. But soon after, the fireworks should begin.”

Johns writes posted at , saying, “Mutual-fund company stocks are defeating the funds they manage. You can take a look at the 20.8% gain posted by an index of 20 fund�’manager stocks from January 1 through the end of second week of October.”

Drizzt posted at . This chart shows how the Dow (when priced in gold) is actually still in a downtrend. This chart reminds me of an older piece that we did showing Consumer Prices Down 50% Over Last 5 years! (when priced in gold).

Frugal writes posted at , citing an example from the mortgage business, “Between CountryWide and Mortgage Capital, there is about $5000 difference in the amount that they charge customers (for fixed loan terms). However, CountryWide certainly is not running out of customers. What is the lesson here?”

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