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Gold Price Forecast, Trends and Predictions2018-10-08T08:54:34+00:00

Gold Price Forecast, Trends and Predictions

2018 gold price forecast prediction

Gold advanced by 12% during 2017 and I am expecting more gains in 2018. The following targets are our short-term, medium-term and long-term gold price forecasts. Please note that short-term gold price forecasts are very unreliable in a market that is so heavily leveraged and manipulated. But this helps to give our readers some idea of what we expect the gold price to do in the coming months and years.

2018 Gold Price Predictions / Forecasts / Estimates

2018 Gold Price Forecast: $1,500

2019 Gold Price Forecast: $2,500

2020 Gold Price Forecast: $3,500

2022 Gold Price Forecast: $5,000+

The technical chart for gold can help us forecast where the price may go in 2018 and beyond. The last two advances propelled the gold price up 4X and 2.3X, respectively. If the current advance comes in somewhere between these new multiples, such as 3X, we can expect the gold price to continue above $3,000 per ounce during the current cycle.

gold price prediction 2019

The banks almost always undershoot in their price forecasts for gold and silver. They hate the metals and would prefer to push their clients into other investments where they get generate better fees, control the funds and keep the fractional-reserve fiat monetary system alive. So, take these estimates with a big grain of salt.

TDS (TD Bank) looks for gold to average around $1,313 an ounce in 2018, compared to an expectation of $1,257 for 2017.

Robin Bhar, metals analyst with Societe Generale , looks for a pullback to an $1,175 average in 2018 on a view that the Fed will retain some hawkishness and probably hike three more times.

JP Morgan’s 2018 Global Commodities Outlook sees gold prices averaging $1,295 an ounce in 2018, with levels going up only in the second half of the year to $1,340.

Goldman Sachs predicts gold prices to fall to 1,200 U.S. dollars per ounce by mid-2018, then rise to $ 1,375 by the end of 2020.

Commerzbank analyst expects gold price to rise to 1,400 U.S. dollars by the end of 2018.

Citigroup estimates the gold price will climb to $1,350 per ounce in 2018.

2018 Silver Price Predictions / Targets

silver price forecast prediction 2018

Silver advanced by 7% during 2017 and looks very undervalued going into 2018. We expect the silver price to climb back above $18 by the end of 2018.

2018 Silver Price Predictions / Forecasts / Estimates

2018 Silver Price Forecast: $18

2019 Silver Price Forecast: $40

2020 Silver Price Forecast: $100

2022 Silver Price Forecast: $300+

The technical chart for silver shows the massive advance from 2004 to 2011, with the silver price going up roughly 10x from $5 to $50. It has since collapsed by 70% to support around $13 and looks to be basing and starting a new uptrend in 2018. I believe the silver price will climb back above $50 at some point before the end of 2020. A 5.5x gain, as occurred during the last upleg, would give us a price target of $75 per ounce for silver.

silver price prediction 2019 2020

Citi Research says silver will rise to $15.50 during 2018.

HSBC is targeting a silver price of $18.75 for 2018.

Goldman Sachs expects silver to do better than gold in 2018 and rise to $17.20.

JP Morgan expects silver prices will average $17.85 an ounce for 2018.

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Of course, the banks don’t have the best track record at predicting gold and silver prices. I think they are undershooting by a significant amount. And why not? Their very livelihood relies upon continued acceptance of the fiat monetary system. If they could create money out of thin air and then lend it out at high interest rates, they wouldn’t make the ungodly amounts of money that they make and pay their executives.

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