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Gold and Silver Price Charts

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Gold and Silver Price Forecasts

The following represent our current short-term, medium-term and long-term gold price forecasts. Please note that short-term gold price forecasts are very unreliable in a market that is as managed and manipulated as the precious metals market. But this helps to give our readers some idea of what we expect the gold price to do in the coming months and years.

2017 Gold Price Forecast: $1,500

2018 Gold Price Forecast: $2,200

2019 Gold Price Forecast: $3,000

2020 Gold Price Forecast: $5,000+

Banks 2017 Gold Price Targets

Credit Suisse looks for gold prices to hit $1,400 an ounce by the fourth quarter as U.S. real interest rates ease and central bankers maintain dovish with monetary policy.

Gold to $1,200 in Mid-2017 – Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

David Wilson, head of metals research at Citigroup, says that gold should top $1,300 towards the end of the year as the “Trump reflation trade” reverses and subdued real interest rates, coupled with moderating dollar strength, provide “positive momentum” for the gold price.

UBS sees an average price of $1,400 per ounce across 2017.

Credit Suisse: Our silver price forecast increases by 12%, to $18.75/oz, in H2/16 and by 15%, to $19.03/oz, in 2017, following gold.

Dutch bank ABN Amro, another erstwhile ultra-bearish house, revised its forecast to $1,425, adding that a Trump presidency could really see things explode.

RBC Capital: The bank now sees gold rising to $1,500 in 2017 and 2018 compared to its previous forecast of $1,300.

Gold and silver prices likely bottomed in December of 2015, after a long 4+ year correction. We believe the upside potential in the gold price dwarfs the downside risk in the coming years.

2017 Silver Price Predictions / Targets

Gold Stock Bull / Jason Hamlin: $25

Citi Research $15.50

HSBC $18.75

ABN Amro $15.40

UBS $18.60

BMO $17

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