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Whether you are a new member or long-term subscriber, this guide will help you to get around the premium member area of the website and get the most out of your membership. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. I will usually be able to get back to you within 24 hours.

Gold Stock Bull Premium Member Page
The main premium member page contains the latest edition of the Gold Stock Bull newsletter, the current GSB model portfolio/trades and the GSB premium guides. The newsletter and guides are in PDF format and are best viewed with Adobe Reader (download). Many computers come pre-loaded with this software, but it is free to download if you don’t have it.

At the top of the premium member page are links to an archive of past emails/newsletters, a link to our cryptocurrency tracker and a link to your account page. On this page you can change your email address, password, credit card or upgrade your subscription to take advantage of discounted rates. You can also view your payment history or cancel your membership from the account page.

GSB Contrarian Report Newsletter
The GSB Contrarian Report is published monthly and comes out on the first Sunday after the first full week of economic data is released. This is to make sure that the newsletter has the latest information (including unemployment), allowing us to issue the most accurate forecasts going forward.

The Contrarian Report includes a review of the overall stock market, performance of the S&P 500, technical analysis on where stocks might go next, my economic outlook for various sectors, plus major news events that moved the markets in the past month.

The newsletter also includes a look at debt, deficits and U.S. dollar, with technical analysis and forecasts. We cover major news in the financial sector, central bank policy announcements and other relevant banking or currency news.

Lastly, the newsletter provides monthly updates on sectors including precious metals, energy, cannabis, cryptocurrencies and others. This includes updates on all of the stocks in the GSB portfolio and on our watch list. This allows you to keep track of any major moves by the stocks we view as undervalued and spot profit opportunities driven by near-term catalysts such as resource updates, drill results, production start-up, etc.

GSB Model Portfolio
The portfolio includes each stock/coin that we are holding, the ticker symbol, date acquired, entry price, percentage of portfolio, profit objective, current sentiment and percentage gain to date. The trade history is found directly below the portfolio and includes all trades made during the current calendar year.

I look for opportunities to profit no matter the direction of the stock market. On average, I usually issue one new trade alert per week, but it all depends on the action in the markets and investor sentiment at any given time.

We use various spreadsheets, cross analysis and economic modeling to find companies that appear to be undervalued relative to their peers. We also keep track of important dates for a variety of miners, do occasional site visits and keep in touch with management. This information will often allow us to time entry and exit points for maximum profitability.

The GSB portfolio is only a snapshot of stock and cash allocations within a hypothetical brokerage account. I personally would never hold more than 50% of my wealth in the stock market or in electronic form. I think it is wise to have your eggs distributed amongst several baskets.

Please note that the GSB model portfolio is a list of stock selection ideas, NOT a recommended portfolio. Each investor should do his/her own research to ascertain whether a particular stock selection meets their own investment criteria before buying or selling the stock. For example, some of the stocks are highly speculative and may not be appropriate for risk-averse investors. Our goal is to be a useful resource for investing/speculating ideas. We are not registered investment advisers and can not provide specific investment advice.

As a new subscriber, you will obviously not be able to buy our current positions at the exact same price. Given delays in email alerts, it is also unlikely that you will get into new positions at the exact same price, although you should usually be able to get close. Not all positions will be attractive to you and not all will fit your personal investment needs. You will ultimately need to make your own decisions on what to buy and sell and at what price to do so. But on the whole, if we are still holding a position in the portfolio, we are still bullish on that position. Furthermore, we issue a price target that should be helpful.

The bottom line is this…you need to be responsible for your own investment decisions and ideally consult with a financial adviser. Our opinions will differ greatly from most mainstream economists or advisers.

Premium Member Email Alerts
Please make sure you have added j (at) to your address book or have otherwise “whitelisted” this email address so that email alerts do not get lost in your junk or spam mail folder. At minimum, you will receive an email a few times each month, including each time a new edition of the newsletter is posted.

As a premium member, you will also receive email trading alerts anytime that we identify new investment opportunities or make a change to the portfolio. These emails are sent out immediately after the trade is made, but it may not always be possible to enter or exit a given position at the exact same price as we do. Email alerts are also sent whenever there is consequential news breaking, so that you can stay on top of financial events and can make the necessary adjustments.

Direct Access to Jason Hamlin for Questions

As a premium member, you get directy access to Jason’s private email and can send questions anytime. Please use this form or contact Jason at the following address: j (at)

Free Email Alerts and RSS Feed (Click Here)
I periodically publish free articles for the public and these articles are re-published by various investment websites such at Kitco,,, Gold Eagle, The AU Report and others. The material usually deals with big-picture macroeconomic issues and rarely covers stock-specific research. While the most valuable information is reserved for premium members, you may wish to sign up for the free emails as well. If you prefer an RSS Feed, please click here.

Newsletter and Email Archives (Click Here)
If you would ever like to look at past issues of the newsletter or review email alerts that you might have missed, you can always do so on the archives page. This page has a chronological listing of all newsletters and emails for the past year.

Facebook and Twitter Updates
I read news articles all day to keep on top of everything happening in the political, social and economic spheres. If you want to follow which articles I am reading, you can follow me on Twitter or “like” the Gold Stock Bull Facebook page.

Live Prices for Gold, Silver and Other Commodities (Click Here)
There are several different websites that provide real-time data, but they usually don’t offer all of the important data on a single page. I have created a page that has live prices for gold, silver, platinum, the dollar index, oil, natural gas and much more. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please check our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.

I hope that you find the research and information provided in the premium membership to be well worth the cost. I work hard to stay on top of the markets, identify investment opportunities and generate profitable trades. I take pride in my work and always attempt to provide the highest quality research and service possible. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me at j (at) goldstockbull (dot) com.

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