I am surprised the networks even allow Peter Schiff on the air, with his propensity to speak the truth and not repeat the same party lines about how the bailouts are necessary and the government can fix everything. Mr. Schiff has been right time after time about the direction of the economy. Shortly after he rightfully placed some of the blame on the Federal Reserve, he gets cut off by CNN due to “technical difficulties.” Yeah right. Summary and video are below.

– The only good decision was letting Lehman Brothers fail
– We are in this mess because of government spending and too much debt
– We don’t have any money and need China and Japan to lend it to us
– If Obama’s advisers think the economy needs more stimulus, they should not be in these jobs
– American’s need to make things, go to work and save their money
– The government has to get out of the way and let the phony economy collapse
– How can we let Citigroup executives pay themselves millions of dollars when the companies are broke?
– Capitalism is not about propping up failed companies
– Behind it all is the Federal Reserve, which intervened in the market and poured the alcohol that got Wall Street drunk
– It is not fair that everyone holding U.S. dollars has to pay because of bad bets made on Wall Street
– There is no question that we are facing awfully difficult times for Americans for a long time