Jim Rickards believes a cocktail of factors makes it more critical than ever for investors to protect their portfolios with gold. In the interview below, Rickards explains why the royal metal is going to $10,000/oz…

Why own gold in a deflationary cycle?

The longest period of sustained deflation in American history was during 1929 to 1933. During that period, gold went up 75%. The best performing stock during the Great Depression was Homestake Mining, a gold miner.

Jim believes that when gold finally breaks out, you are not going to be able to get it. They will shut down the exchanges and the premiums on physical will skyrocket higher.

Whether gold will go to $10,000 or not, we believe it is vastly undervalued and due to continue the major bounce that has occurred thus far in 2016. Even more undervalued than gold are gold mining stocks. Despite the fact that many of these miners are up 50% or more year to date, they still have upside of many multiple in order to climb back to 2011 highs. To find out when we are buying and selling and which stocks we believe have the most upside, subscribe to the Gold Stock Bull Contrarian Gold Report.